Robert Birming

May has been and still is all about the wonderful WeblogPoMo. One more week to go. Let's keep it up, friends.

Some people have asked if there's anything fun and inspiring for June, and some people have kind of hoped there isn't. But before you say, "Not another challenge," please hear me out. It's not very challenging, trust me.

I believe that being a blogger isn't just about writing blog posts; it's just as much about being interested in reading other people's blogs.

The blogging community is about sharing. We share our blogging workflows, we share why we write, and we love to read how and why other bloggers do it. It's like a world of its own, free of stupid borders and walls. It's a place where giving and receiving come together beautifully.

My suggestion for June is to show some extra appreciation for this beautiful digital sphere of ours. Junited is a "love letter" from one blogger to another, and another, and another...

Simply put, share links to blogs and blog posts that you want to share with the rest of the world: a new post, an old favorite, or a blog you like.

Instead of writing a new post each time, the idea is to have a permanent Junited 2024 entry that you update with new links throughout the month. If you're using social media, you might want to let others know when you do this. Example:

I've just updated my Junited2024 list with this great post: URL

How you structure your post is up to you. I will do this with a numbered list. Something like:

  1. Some post - I just read this great article about writing.
  2. Another one - This post by John Doe made my day.
  3. And another...

There you have it!

What do you think? Is this something worth doing? If so, I will add a page with links to all the participants when the time comes.

Please contact me.

Happy blogging!

Update: There’s now a dedicated Junited: How & Who? page.