Robert Birming

Bear blog got a search feature?

Blogging is back and today we have a myriad of great platforms to choose from. This one is hosted on Bear. If you have your own blog and are reading this, chances are that your blog is also a Bear one. 🐻

However, one of the things most of these “indie tools” lack is a search feature. I’ve written a separate post about it: The basic feature blogging platforms lack. 🔎

Well, it looks like things are about to change for us Bear bloggers. I just noticed that Herman's blog now has such a feature (can’t recall having seen it before). And it works elegantly. 🤩

Let's hope this is something we'll all have soon. Thank you in advance, Herman! ✌️

Update: Bear user Yordi made it possible to add your own (example). You can get yours here. Thank you, Yordi! 😎

Update 2: The search results only include links to posts where the search word is included in the title. Hopefully there will come a “true search feature” in the future.