Robert Birming

The basic feature blogging platforms lack

If you want to start a blog today, there has never been a better time. Blogging is blooming and there are plenty of awesome platforms to choose from.

This post is published on Bear. A neat service that I highly recommend you try. Like most platforms, Bear comes with the features you expect to see: choosing an address for your blog, creating and publishing posts and pages, uploading images, analytics, a feed...

However, like most other blogging platforms, they lack one of the oldest and most fundamental features when it comes to online publishing:

Search *

Why is it that this very useful box "always" is missing? It's such an obvious thing – not just on the web, but in life in general. We search every day, in one way or another. We...

The list goes on and on. Yet, when it comes to blogging platforms, we are at a loss when it comes to digging deeper into the content that first caught our eye.

Some platforms do offer a search function, of course. Ghost offers the best implementation I've seen so far. I hope more will follow and add this basic box of usefulness.

Why are things always in the last place you look for them? Because you stop looking when you find them.

Update: Bear user Yordi made it possible to add search to your Bear blog (example). You can get yours here. Thank you, Yordi! 😎