Robert Birming

My blogging journey

Inspired by Juha-Matti Santala's post, Short history of my blogging journey, I decided to write a text about my blogging journey, which has been a bit bumpy, to say the least.

I started blogging about 20 years ago using Movable Type, which was pretty much the only tool available at the time. After about a year, I switched to WordPress.

My first blog was called Smidigt (Swedish for "easy/handy"). It had no particular focus at first, but over time it became more and more about geeky tech stuff — cool USB sticks (that was a thing back then), Star Wars-inspired computer accessories, toys, and other fun stuff.

Over time, major tech sites like Engadget and Gizmodo started referring to the blog, even though it was in Swedish, when I had found something cool that no one else had written about yet. This led me to start an English version of the blog called GeekAlerts.

For a few years, blogging became my main occupation and source of income. It was fun, but a lot of work. Eventually, it became too much. I hit the famous wall and realized that I needed to rethink things and make changes in my life.

Slowly, slowly I went back to what I love: blogging. I started a new blog called Mittpunkt (Swedish for “midpoint”). The slogan was “for a life in balance,” and the content was based on my burnout experience and the way back. It became very popular.

I had it for about five years before I decided to shut it down. The reason was that my writing made me feel like I was stuck in the past, repeating the things that brought me to the bottom. It wasn't “healthy” in the long run.

I stopped blogging altogether.

But then, about a year ago, I started blogging again. My interest in the web had always been there, and I had read with fascination about platforms like Bear and Finally, I decided to give it a try.

After that, I tried many platforms. I had no direction in terms of content; it was more like journaling, but the posts tended to be about creativity, inspiration, and blogging. Then, about a month ago, I decided to choose Bear as my blogging platform.

And that, my friends, is my blogging journey.

What about your journey as a blogger? I would love to know! I’ve created an Our Blogging Journey page for that purpose.