Robert Birming

Re: Re: Equally different

I have about twenty blogs in my feed reader. I love seeing how others organize their writing — structure, word choice, and phrasing. It's like looking at a painting.

I often think: I'll never be able to write like that.

And it's true. I will never be able to write like another blogger. And why should I? What fun would it be to read posts that all look the same?

However, it's easy to get caught up in this doubt, to compare ourselves to others and see our writing as "inferior". But we are all different, and that diversity is what makes blogging an art form that is accessible to all, from both the writer's and reader's perspective.

The world needs art in all forms. The world also needs different kinds of art. And our words are part of that.

The words are from Marisabel Munoz's response to my blog post, Equally Different.

I think it's beautifully and wisely put. Variation is the cornerstone of blogging, it's the glue that connects like-minded people together.

In all forms of creativity and art, variation is a given: painting, poetry, music, etc. Someone thinks opera is the highest art form, someone else can't stand to hear it.

It's the same with writing. Variety is what makes it all come alive.

Personality is the only true perfection.

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