Robert Birming

July Reply

Junited, the June blogging challenge where bloggers shared interesting posts by others, was described as a blog love letter.

July Reply is a way to take those love letters to the next level. Instead of just passing “secret notes” to each other, let’s build relationships.

I don't know where it started, but I first saw it on the Bear discovery feed from bloggers like Brandon and Tiramisu:

Replying to other people's blog posts by creating an entry titled “Re: The original blog title” – just like the subject line of an email.

In other words, your perspective on someone else’s thoughts. Sometimes, there might even be replies to replies (example).

That's my suggestion for a July blog challenge.

If you use tags for your blog and share on social media, you might want to tag those posts with the #JulyReply2024 hashtag.

Please note: This is meant to be fun and rewarding; it's not a contest. One passionate response throughout the month is better than 10 half-hearted ones.

If you would like to participate and have your blog listed below, please contact me.