Robert Birming

Re: Get Bored!

This text starts with a blank page.

There is a rough idea of what it will be about, but not much more than that. It usually works best this way, I think. As usual, my phone and computer are set to "do not disturb" when I'm writing.

Even the basic idea itself often comes out of some kind of void: when I'm walking, driving, or eating, for example. Poof! Suddenly something appears, like the characteristic light bulb symbol.

Creation requires empty space and time. The more successful you are in creating this, the better your overall output will be. So, get bored.

This is what Nikhil writes in the post Get Bored.

I think it's so well put. That's precisely how it is. Just as a document or canvas needs a blank surface to be used, we, as individuals, need an inner void to make room for creation.

Our lives are full of excellent opportunities to create these spaces. They're there every day: we're waiting for the elevator, we've stopped at a traffic light, or we're in line at the grocery store. Magnificent opportunities for a moment of “boredom” — an invitation to creativity.

Your best blog post ever could appear the next time you're on an escalator doing absolutely nothing.

“Bored to death” is the birth of creativity.

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