Robert Birming

A good writer

Today is Sweden's National Day. It's not very noticeable, it's not something we celebrate much in this country. One way it is noticeable, though, is that we have a day off.

I use my free time to write right after breakfast. There is something special about writing in the morning. A kind of emptiness and freshness. It's as if the brain hasn't started analyzing, comparing, and drawing conclusions.

An unconditional kind of writing.

I wouldn't say it's "better writing". It's just different from writing at the end of the day when the mind is filled with new impressions and experiences. That kind of writing has its time and place. They complement each other.

We all have our reasons for writing, and we all have our blogging workflow. However we go about it, I think it's important not to hold too tightly to these principles.

Life is far from routine. Take a closer look at nature - it's a mess, real chaos. At the same time, it is breathtakingly beautiful. Perfection in its truest sense.

If we are to transform spontaneous thoughts and fleeting emotions into written words in an unfiltered and honest way, then perhaps we need some of that natural chaos. Perhaps the definition of a “good writer” is someone who writes even when conditions are “bad for writing”.