Robert Birming

Boring text

I’m writing this in my mother tongue, Swedish.

I have written before about my doubts about blogging in English. I honestly don't understand why I just don’t quit and write in Swedish instead. Maybe it's because of the wider range of fun and exciting services English has to offer.

But is it worth it?

I don't mind that it takes longer for me to write in English compared to Swedish; it can even be joyful at times. However, I have noticed that the texts are getting more boring in my eyes. They lack ease and fluency and sometimes feel almost academic, at least to my eyes and ears.

It's a bit tiresome to write about it time and again, and probably even more boring to read about it, but it feels better when I do. It's like the pieces are falling into place somehow — and that's the main reason I write, in whatever form.

Now that I think about it and write about it, I realize that even the therapeutic part of writing is largely absent when I write in English. The posts are more like essays than unfiltered manifestations of thoughts and feelings. The exact opposite of what I see as the main benefit and joy of writing.

I still haven't quite made up my mind about it. Maybe I will never be able to do so. Anyway, it feels good to write about it in my native language. I have missed that.