Robert Birming

Blogging doubts

If you've never had doubts about blogging, you've probably never blogged. We all have them occasionally - doubts, hesitations, fears...

It's natural. It's part of being creative. It's what it means to be human.

I started my first blog over 20 years ago, so I've had my fair share of doubts...and still do. The doubt I'm facing right now is probably the strongest I've ever had.

It's not a question of whether I should blog or not. Not blogging is not an option. I will continue to do it in one form or another...

It's a question of language. I doubt my ability to blog in English. Even though I enjoy blogging in English, it's a bit of a struggle. Not in a "positive creative struggle" kind of way, which is more or less necessary fuel for the creative process.

I doubt my ability to express myself the way I really feel. When I write in Swedish, it's a natural flow. I can put my feelings into words, I can paint a picture with the sentences, and I can write in a figure of speech way to make sense of what I want to convey.

All of this feels pretty hard when writing in English.

The reason I'm trying to do it at all is simply because it opens up a lot more possibilities. You're pretty limited when it comes to platforms, networks and other fun and cool stuff when you do it all in Swedish (being a tech/web junkie, these things "matter").

I've told myself to try to hold on for the rest of the month before deciding whether or not to continue blogging in English. Right now I'm doubtful, to be honest.

Not the most cheerful "have a nice weekend" post, I know, but that's life. Sometimes we doubt ourselves...