Robert Birming

A winning mindset

I saw these words on a tea bag label:

We are born wise, we are born complete.

If that's true, what's the point of living? Why have any goals? If we're already "perfect," why try to achieve anything?

I believe it's true that we are born both wise and complete. I also think we have every reason to keep learning, exploring, and developing.

If we believe that we are born incomplete, that we have to "become someone" before we are truly complete, our whole life will be a struggle. We will never be satisfied. That mindset will haunt us forever, no matter what we accomplish.

But if we know deep down that we already possess the essential things in life, our journey through life will be one of contentment and excitement.

If we carry that knowledge within us, we'll not only enjoy life more, but we'll be more likely to accomplish whatever it is we set out to do.

It's a winning mindset.