Robert Birming

Why whine?

I was driving. Cruise control set to the speed limit of 30 kmh. I stopped at a crosswalk to let an elderly couple pass.

The man stares as he walks in front of my car. He taps his index finger on the side of his head - the international sign for "You're crazy".

I rolled down the window. Asked him what's wrong. He replies:

"There's a crosswalk here."

I'm aware of that. That's why I stopped. What more can I do? I ask.

"You didn't stop fast enough."

I begin to laugh at the bizarre argument. I shake my head, letting him know that he is the crazy one, not me, and drive off.

What a whining, grumpy old man. Some people will always find something to complain about.

Fast forward a few hours...

I'm writing this text and I realize something:

Now I'm the one whining. Whining about someone else whining. I've become a grumpy old man.

And guess what? It feels pretty good. Letting it all out.

That's why we whine.