Robert Birming

What really matters

I heard an interview about the Swedish artist Laleh. Her career story is both fascinating and inspiring.

She appears in a movie and receives several offers for other roles, but firmly turns them down. Laleh has already made a decision:

“I want to focus on music.”

She gets a record deal that most aspiring artists would drool over, but she is not very impressed. Laleh has other plans:

“I want to have my own studio.”

She gets offers to work with various high-profile producers, but feels it doesn't fit with her vision. Laleh knows what she wants:

“I want to be the producer of my own music.”

How does it go from there? Pretty damn good! Her debut reached number one on the charts and became the best-selling album of the year.

What makes it truly inspiring is that it’s not about someone playing hard to get or being a diva.

It's about a person with strong integrity and a strong belief in herself. Someone who knows what she wants and how to stay true to that belief—and that's what really matters.