Robert Birming

We Blog 24/7

I heard someone describe an artist as "someone who never takes a break from being an artist”.

I think that's an excellent description. As everyday bloggers, we may not call ourselves artists, but we can certainly call ourselves creators.

Our inspiration for blogging varies, but the common factor is that we are constantly creating in one way or another. Our blog posts are based on personal impressions, experiences, and lessons learned. We "blog" even when we are not sitting in front of a computer screen.

We see or hear something, draw parallels to our lives, and make a mental note of it. Then, when the opportunity arises, we sit down and create something unique based on our history.

It becomes a blog post right then and there, but the content is not limited to the time it takes to digitize it. It contains a lifetime.

We never take a break from blogging.

We are bloggers 24/7.