Robert Birming

The limitless you

A woman once told me about when she met her friend's parents for the first time. Everyone in the family thought the father looked so strange now that the beard he had for years was gone. She couldn't understand it. She had nothing to relate to, thought he was handsome, and could never imagine him with a beard.

This made her realize that if she went somewhere where no one knew her and her history, she could be anyone and do anything. The portal to the past closed and the window to the future wide open, with a view as bright and fresh as a summer morning.

She lived in Italy and moved to Hawaii, where she's now running a successful business. Starting over, free from the bonds of time, both from her perspective and others.

A fresh start!

So many of the boundaries we think we are limited by are only in our minds. Past failures, opinions, and "good advice" from others, or the public opinion of how things should and should not be done.

What if we looked more often at the road ahead instead of constantly looking in the rearview mirror? What would we find and where would we end up? Maybe we'll discover the exit road that's always been there, but we've never seen it.

So many possibilities and so much inspiration are given to us when we step away from the image of ourselves. Our history and experiences are great companions and teachers on our journey through life, but don't let them stop you from turning a dream into reality.