Robert Birming

The stupid act of being rude

As soon as I greeted the client, I knew what was coming... This is not going to be pleasant, I thought. It turned out to be true.

The person in question was not mean or angry, "just" very rude. Always knew best and interrupted as soon as I tried to answer. In short, an unpleasant person.

These situations are fortunately rare and nothing I take personally. But there is one question that pops up every time it happens:


It's easier to understand and relate if someone is angry or stressed. It's possible to assume that there's an underlying reason and explanation, although that doesn't excuse taking it out on someone innocent.

But what's the point of being rude?

It's even harder to be rude than to be nice – or at least than being neutral. And if you want to express your opinion, it's much less likely to get through when it's conveyed rudely.

There is no good reason to be rude. It’s just stupid.