Robert Birming

Six Simple Truths

At the gym today, the song "Silver" by Kent, one of my favorite Swedish bands, was playing. The lyrics are a flashback to when the singer was young.

His parents tell him that no matter what happens, no matter how he feels, they will be there as long as they can. They share some words of wisdom for him to carry with him on the journey through life:

Six simple and obvious pieces of advice. But no less true, and yet so easy to forget or ignore.

That's the way it is with many of the essential things in life; they are so close to us that we don't see them. We're so used to chasing after things – knowledge, possessions, status – that we forget about the gems in our pockets.

Sometimes all we need to do is stop and breathe for a moment and ask ourselves:

Is there anything essential missing in my life right now?