Robert Birming

Release your creativity

My teaching is to release what people have inside them. You do things that are characterized by your inner self. One's will, thoughts, and feelings.

The words come from the Swedish furniture and interior designer Carl Malmsten.

Beautifully said!

Creation that touches and conveys something is not so much about format and technique. It's about expressing the uniqueness we all have within us.

When this part of us is allowed to emerge unfiltered in one way or another, something fantastic happens. The formless and intangible are given a means of expression - the emptiness becomes fullness.

We all carry this fire within us. How we express it varies enormously, often in ways we wouldn't normally call "creativity”, but it's there.

And it wants to come out. It wants to manifest; it wants to become...

Don't keep this something inside. Don't hide it from others. Don't fall into the not-creative trap.

Share it with the rest of the world!

Keep what you got by giving it all away. — Ian Brown