Robert Birming

Mental rain clouds

I pointed out to a client how nice it feels when the sun finally comes out. She replied:

“It's going to rain tomorrow.”

So what?!

Who cares what tomorrow brings? Why not just take the opportunity to enjoy what is? Why put mental rain clouds on a perfectly clear sky?

The reply didn't come as a surprise, though. It was quite obvious that talking about pleasant weather wasn't going to be met with positivity and happiness.

Why this negative “half-empty glass” approach to life? Maybe it's a way of trying to keep things “under control”. Perhaps it's a way of not hoping for too much for fear of being disappointed.

I don't know. I just know it's stupid.

When I visited the last client, I had a strong sense of what the answer would be. I was right…

It was written all over her face. It shone through. She replied:

“Yes, so nice!” ☀️