Robert Birming

How are you doing?

Hi Robert! Just thought I'd check in. Felt a bit quiet in our common chat. Just get in touch if there’s anything or if you want to talk ☺️

I got this message from a friend today. We are some former colleagues who still keep in touch. We see each other from time to time and talk in our common chat almost every day.

I replied:

Hi! Thanks for the concern ❤️ Everything is great here, thanks. Been busy, but feeling great. 😊 Half day of work today, so I'll catch up in the chat soon. 😅 Hope all is well with you too. Thanks again! 😍

Now everything was fine with me, but what a beautiful gesture anyway. It could just as well have been that I was going through a tough period in life (it happens, as we all know).

What a difference a few words can make - whether we are at the bottom or at the top. A simple little "How are you?" is all it takes. Minimal effort, maximum payoff.

It costs absolutely nothing, but it's one of the most valuable things we can give someone.

Hi, how are you? ❤️