Robert Birming

Make yourself a good day

“Make yourself a good day.”

That's how my boss usually ends his morning emails. A bit of an odd way to put it. "Have a good day" is the phrase we’re used to see.

At the same time a very good formulation. That's really how it is to a large extent:

Days become what we make of them.

If we go out with bitterness and a negative attitude, then we are likely to be met with it too. The same applies in reverse, a positive attitude can change everything.

This whole page could be filled with quotes about it, which we have all seen and heard thousands of times. But it doesn't matter if we tattoo it on our forehead - we have to embrace it too.

We don't need to walk around with fake smiles and try to convince ourselves and everyone around us that everything is great, even though it's not. Neither should we hold back sadness or accept anything. We are all human – sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, and sometimes we speak up.

It is our right to do so.

As humans, we also have the amazing ability to make conscious choices. We should make the most of this gift.

One of the ways we can do this is to set the default attitude to positive instead of negative.