Robert Birming

Go your own way

I heard an interview with Swedish artist Marie Bergman. She was talking about the time after she decided to leave the group Family Four and pursue a solo career.

People were outraged! Family Four was supposed to be the "happy family". This was not acceptable! She even received threats.

Marie explains that despite all the hardships, it was an important lesson for her. She says:

You can never please everyone. When you go your own way in life, you have to expect to disappoint people. You have to take it.

So true. We will never be able to please everyone. And if we try, we'll end up living an unfulfilled and unhappy life. Living a lie.

Do what you want to do. Don't hesitate to ask for advice, but let your gut feeling be the most important guide. Others may know about you, but they don't know you — they don't know what flame is burning inside you right now. No one knows you like you do.

Explore. Experience. Exercise.

Stumble and get up a thousand times. Make mistakes and learn. Half a step forward is better than standing still.

Go your own way.

You gotta make your own kind of music
Sing your own special song
Make your own kind of music
Even if no one else sings along