Robert Birming

Friend or foe?

Rewatched A Star Is Born (2018). Seen it a few times. Confession: I love those kind of movies.

Don't know why. Probably there is something familiar about it. Something that resonates with the darker (in)side and is illuminated in this encounter.

Maybe creation is a way to illuminate that darkness and get an outlet for it. Maybe a creative person is closer to that darkness? Or maybe the greater the darkness, the greater the urge to create?

In any case, should we see the darkness as a friend or an enemy? Maybe neither ... or both. Duality is in nature - light and dark, warm and cold, high and low.

The natural human instinct, however, is to shy away from anything unfamiliar and frightening. But is that always the best? What if once in a while we extended an open welcoming hand instead of a closed fist?

For no matter how fast and how often we run away, it will still be there. It's like the voiceover in an old computer war game commercial says:

You can run away, but you'll only die tired.

Or maybe the best thing is not to think too much about it and just get on with life. I don't know.

But I know I will see A Star Is Born again before the year is out. ⭐️