Robert Birming

You are an expert

You have thoughts and ideas about starting something. But you hesitate. You're not an expert, and it all feels overwhelming.

You are not alone.

No matter how much expertise someone has, they all started from scratch. And no matter what stage you're at — "beginner" or "pro" — some will consider you an expert.

You can be an expert without even knowing it.

Let's say you want to start a blog. It's all new to you, and terms like meta, markdown, and microformats are total gibberish.

But you learn, step by step, embracing the power of hurrying slowly

You jot down the answers to your queries as you progress — simplifying and focusing on the key elements. Advancing with more knowledge after each small step you take…

You realize that it might be a good idea to share your insights with others along the way. These nuggets turn into a gold mine in the eyes of blogger newbies.

You are where they used to be. They are grateful for the preparatory work you have done. You give them the confidence and ease to pursue their dreams.

In their eyes, you are an expert ⭐️