Robert Birming

Creative craziness

This text shouldn't exist.


I didn't feel like writing.

For some reason, we tend to take for granted that creative “work” should be pure bliss. Like riding a unicorn, the wind blowing in your hair, violins playing, and cherry blossoms all around.

What's up with that? It’s crazy to think that being creative equals zero resistance.

In every other part of our lives, we know and know accept that sometimes it's a bit of a struggle. Sometimes it takes some convincing to get in those running shoes or pick up those dumbbells.

That's okay, that's the way it is - sometimes we're less motivated.

Why shouldn't the same rules apply to creativity? Why close the door on creative possibilities just because we're not feeling 100% inspired?

Who knows what greatness will come out of that mental resistance? Even the common symbol of creativity, the lightbulb, requires resistance to glow.

We are given the gift of being creative, but creativity is not a given. It's up to us to keep the light on. 💡