Robert Birming

The changes in life

On my way home from work, I realized that something must have happened. The closer I got to home, the later the arrival time showed on the map app. It turned out to be a serious traffic accident involving a truck.

An hour later, after I had parked my car and started to walk home, the sky immediately opened up. It came down like the rainy season in Asia, causing everyone to run for cover.

In a way, it was a nice little break. A moment of reflection. I started to think about the changes in life...

How quickly a moment can change completely. Well, I was lucky to be hit by rain and not a car, but it could have been me in one of those vehicles.

As I finished the last job of the day, I decided to wait to go home to prepare for tomorrow's job. Who knows, maybe those minutes were life-changing for me. I will never know.

It doesn't hurt to remind ourselves from time to time of the changes in life, its fragility and unpredictability. Not in a resigned way, but in gratitude for what we have.