Robert Birming

Blogging anonymously or not?

About a month ago I launched an anonymous blog. I wanted to find out “what wanted to be written” when blogging incognito, something I had never tried before.

Now I know. That’s why I decided to quit.

Content-wise, I didn’t notice any difference at all (I’ve even moved some of the posts to this blog). What I noticed, though, was that I got lazy. “Never mind, it’s good enough. It doesn’t matter, it’s incognito anyway.”

I’m not saying I’m a fantastic writer when posts have my name attached to them, but I sure didn’t a better when posting anonymously.

I also noticed that the inspiration faded. Most of the things I write about are based on personal experiences. When that person now was “gone”, it felt strange – like telling someone else’s story.

This was my case study. For you it might be the other way around – you’re blogging anonymously and have been thinking about doing it under your name. Maybe hesitant to take the step...

Don’t be. You can quit whenever you want to, it’s all in your hands.

No matter how much pondering, no matter how many pros and cons are listed – it will never lead to a truthful answer. Lock up the logic, some things need to be tested live.

Pick the right blogging tool and start posting.

Good luck!