Robert Birming

Back on Bear Blog - for life

When I decided to start blogging again after a long absence, Bear was the platform I fell in love with. I published the first post, It's alive!, on February 16, 2023, while on vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

After about half a year, I went on a blogging tool spree. Why? I'm not sure why. Maybe because of my love and fascination for the web.

I tried many different platforms. Eventually, there were three left:

They are all fantastic! If you're on one of them today and find it to be the right blogging tool for you, congratulations. You made a great choice!

For me, Bear ended up being the winner. I will write a separate post on this later, but basically, it was the combination of simplicity and customization that won me over forever.

When I say "forever," I mean “for the rest of my life”. I decided to upgrade to the lifetime plan. Partly because it's a great deal, but also to keep me from looking elsewhere. This is my home, and I'm very happy to have found my way back.

I look forward to writing many more posts, but more importantly, I look forward to reading what other "Bears" publish in this beautiful community.

Happy blogging!

Update: I’ve posted a more detailed text about the reasons why I chose Bear for blogging.